June 18, 2024

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Lobim called for better citizenship in Quebec parks

Lobim called for better citizenship in Quebec parks

(Quebec) It may be cold, but the spirits in Quebec are warming up. What’s more, the mayor insisted Monday that the record number of parks this winter should appeal to citizens who visit it frequently.

Gabriel BelandGabriel Beland

Parks are taken by storm and the rules of avoidance are often not respected, discouraging the mayor. Supervisors are also increasing complaints to 911 by threatening or spitting in the face.

“At the reception park, a young woman had to call the police because she was being threatened by young men who asked her to leave the pavilion to honor the curfew,” the mayor said.

At Guilloom-Matthew Park, where three snow-covered surfaces are sometimes occupied by 90 people, a supervisor spits in the face of a citizen unwilling to follow instructions.

“I understand the situation is not easy for anyone, but municipal employees must enforce the regulations,” the mayor said.

Quebeckers are flocking to the parks in Drove for skating, slide or skiing this winter. The pandemic has reduced the many options already available to stretch your legs. For example, gyms are closed and most have swimming pools.

The city of Quebec confirms that there are three times more skaters than usual at its rinks.

But this craze has created some extravagance since the holidays came back and curfew was enforced. The City did not mention twenty complaints to 911, a dozen to 311, and to Town Hall.

“Very few people respect the two-meter and family bubble,” said Regis Labyum.

The situation is exacerbated when onlookers or supervisors try to interfere with criminals. “It simply came to our notice then. Sometimes it’s scary, ”the mayor said.

Quebec City announces increased surveillance. She also hired a company to manage the parking space.

The fifth word?

Regis LaBeouf made this call for civilization on Monday before the first meeting of the Municipal Council in 2021. Subject to questions about his political future – does he represent himself? – The politician kept it vague.

“We’ll tell you when the time comes,” he said. “I’m 64 years old,” he assured her.

Earlier on Monday, the official opposition leader Tram brought the issue back to the screen. Jean-Franకోois Gosselin recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, Minister of Transport and all elected officials from the Khaki region of the national capital.

In his letter, Gocelin asked the government not to give the green light to the tramway before the municipal elections next October. He wants to turn the ballot into a “referendum” on the light rail project.

“I urge Regis LaBeoum to suspend this project and wait for a more conducive environment for discussion than to wisely agree with the government,” began the head of Quebec 21, a staunch opponent of Trump.

“The mayor wants to take advantage of the epidemic to move his project forward. People don’t care about it.”

When asked to respond to his opponent’s allegations, Regis Labum showed less appetite. He opened up to questions from journalists. Will this departure of M. Gosselin tickle him?

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“The official opposition leader did not bother me,” the mayor replied.

Regis Lobim, however, suggested that the tram project be tied up before October, as he had hoped. He is in consultation with the government, especially about the final route.

“I think I can settle down,” he said.

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