May 21, 2024

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Those close to Trump have apologized to him

Those close to Trump have apologized to him

Relatives and friends of Donald Trump have agreed to pay thousands of dollars to put pressure on the outgoing president to seek his presidential apology. New York Times.

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The U.S. Constitution empowers the President to “grant pardons and pardons for crimes against the United States.”

According to Trump relatives, the latter decided to pardon a hundred people during his last hours in power.

Many apologies, such as a former federal prosecutor, one of Trump’s former lawyers, or one of his former advisers, may have brought large sums of money to those close to the president. New York Times.

$ 2 million

Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, has been convicted of illegally disclosing classified information that a former CIA officer could be pardoned for $ 2 million.

According to the American daily, “lobbying for an apology intensified when it became clear that Trump had no choice but to contest his election defeat.”

Donald Trump has already granted 94 apologies, according to the American website Lafarge, at a rate of 90% for “those who have a personal or political relationship with the president.”

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