June 18, 2024

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Looks like a bunch of people who were disappointed soon bought the Xbox One X by accident today

Looks like a bunch of people who were disappointed soon bought the Xbox One X by accident today

Today, Microsoft has launched pre-orders for its next-generation console, the Xbox One X. Sorry, I mean the Xbox Series X. Can you blame me? There is only one word difference between the two names and it is in the middle. There are also three Xs.

I confuse them. (Microsoft, too Yes, but I’m sorry.) Although today is pre – order day Series X (reminder: new), the One X (old) also has banner day on Amazon‌, In one step 747 percent on Amazon “Movers & Shakers” sales charts.

Note that Amazon’s maps only cover the last hour: it’s not # 4 all day.

It is not difficult to imagine how people can buy the wrong console. If you search the “Xbox Series x” on Amazon, the first two search results are for Series X and One X, and the images of the two are hard to distinguish from each other. Both have a large black box, with the Xbox controller tilted to the right, all in a black background. In the rush to get a valuable pre-order, I could see how anyone could make a mistake with both submissions.

For the people Did If you accidentally buy an Xbox One X (refresher: it’s old), hopefully they will realize the error of their ways and be able to return their console to Amazon for a full refund and eventually buy a next-gen console. They are really looking. It’s 2020, the thing happens and it’s not your fault that Microsoft chose Confusion naming scheme For its next generation consoles.

Also, the big day of the Xbox One X might have one Alternative explanation It will be sweet justice for those who think so Xbox Series X. And PlayStation 5 Pre-orders were picked up as quickly as possible: perhaps all of these Xbox One X consoles were purchased by misinformed bots.

If the same happens, Enjoy your discontinued console, Bots.

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