May 19, 2024

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Louis Morissette becomes Quebec Director of Investment

Louis Morissette becomes Quebec Director of Investment

Actor Luis Morissette was elected a member of the Board of Directors of Investment Quebec on Wednesday.

The appointment was announced by the office of Prime Minister Franois Legalt after a cabinet meeting, a decision approved Wednesday.

The famous actor, Mr. Morrisset has been the producer and founding president of the production company KOTV since 2010.

The company was primarily responsible for the production of Radio-Canada Television’s bye program, the annual magazine that provides New Year’s celebrations. KOTV also produces the TV series Plan B and The Perfect Family Guide.

Biographies released by the Prime Minister’s Office indicate that Mr Morissette, who is married to radio and television host Voronik Cloutier, holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business.

According to a press release, Mr Morrissett joined the Crown Corporation’s board of directors as an independent member.


Directors receive compensation based on their attendance at various meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees.

Last year, the annual directors’ compensation ranged from $ 16,215 to $ 9,34,931. The Board of Directors met 12 times in 2019-2020. In parallel, various committees held a total of 39 meetings.

The appointment of Mr. Morrisset as IQ Director of A. Lassonde Inc.’s President and CEO Jean Gattuso was announced at the same time.

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