July 15, 2024

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Michigan Gretchen Witmer in hot water at the request of her husband’s boat

Michigan Gretchen Witmer in hot water at the request of her husband's boat

The governor of Michigan – whose strict Corona virus lock-in policies have caused infamous uprisings in the state – has been heating up after her husband appeared to have violated her own advice about vacation travel.

Drowned in Michigan lawsuits and deaths, Gretchen Witmer put forward some stringent regulations in the country, sparking widespread protests from some residents last month, including clashes, swastikas and rifles. “

Last Monday, Witmer announced the removal of some locking restrictions before Memorial Day weekend.

But “if you don’t live in these regions … think long and hard before you travel,” he said.

“A small spike is rapidly eroding the hospital system, which is why we urge everyone to continue to do their part. [waterfront] Traverse City from all parts of the state. “

Three days later, a Marina owner wrote on Facebook that the governor’s husband, Mark Mallory, asked its workers to take their nearby boat into the water the day before the Memorial. A statement said Monday.

The Detroit News reports that the vacation property owned by the governor and her husband makes Traverse City about 25 minutes away. The couple’s main residence is in Lansing.

“This morning, when the office called me and I was at work, there was a man who wanted his boat on the water over the weekend,” Northshore Dog LLC owner Todd Toker wrote on Facebook Thursday, the Detroit News, saying the post has been made private.

“Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means this is unlikely to happen,” Docker wrote.

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“Well, our office staff explained this to the guy. He said, ‘I’m husband to the governor. Does this make a difference?’ Replied to the number.

The Knocking Company later said on its Facebook page that Mallory was courteous when she said she couldn’t afford to.

Republican state sen. Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, told the News, Witmer urged residents not to travel to Traverse City, “But what did his family try?

“In the military, we have a tradition that leaders line up for Choo,” he said. “Here is the head of our state. … His family tries to cut people off the line. “

Whitmer’s spokeswoman, Tiffany Brown, said her employer’s husband did not deny claims related to the news, but said the governor’s office would not respond to “every rumor spread online.”

The governor landed in President Trump’s cross hairs in March when he complained about the federal government’s response to the epidemic.

“I love Michigan. We do so much work for them during these horrific epidemics. However, your governor, Gretchen” Half “Whitmer is over her head and she has no clue. She likes to blame everyone for her own incompetence!” He tweeted After his comments.

Witmer confirmed last week that he is in talks with former vice president and current Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

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