April 18, 2024

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Dog Wuhan waits in hospital after death of owner’s corona virus

Dog Wuhan waits in hospital after death of owner's corona virus

A dedicated coronavirus-infected dog has been waiting patiently to reunite with his beloved owner for more than three months in a Chinese hospital every day.

Unfortunately, staff say the pensioner was killed by an error after five days at Wuhan Taigang Hospital.

The little dog won the hearts of the workers involved in the hospital after it came with its elderly owner during the height of the corona virus epidemic in February.

Unaware that his owner would return, the seven-year-old male Pooch waited in the lobby of Taigang Hospital for more than three months, searching everywhere for him. Kindness patients and medical staff were kindly fed the pining plates.

Wu Guifen, who runs a supermarket in the building, told reporters that the dog’s owner was admitted with complications of Covid-19 and that he was suffering from pneumonia.

She tried to send her dog to the hospital – to no avail. Wu Qiben temporarily decided to look at the insect, which she named the Xiaobo or “Little Treasure.”

Since April 13, Wuhan has removed its lockout restrictions and has been taken care of by the shopkeeper after the hospital supermarket reopened. Mrs Wu said: “I first noticed the little dog when I returned to work in mid-April, and I called him Chiapoo.

On the way to the Xiao Bao Wuhan Small Animals Conservation Society.
On the way to the Xiao Bao Wuhan Small Animals Conservation Society.AsiaWire / Wuhan SAPA

“They told me that her owner, who was a pensioner, was allowed with the corona virus.

“Then he passed away, but Sciobao did not know.

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“He never left the hospital. It was incredibly touching and very loyal. “

Wu Qifan’s supermarket is on the hospital’s first floor. He added: “I got used to the dog and then I took him to the shop.

“When I open it every morning, Xiaobo will wait for me there. He saw me at the end of each day. “

The MS said that Chiabao refused to leave the hospital. Even if they deliberately drove him somewhere far away, he would return to Taigang Hospital and wait patiently for its owner to return.

“Although Tsipao cannot speak, we understand that he is definitely looking for his owner,” he told reporters.

However, some patients were not interested in wandering around the dog hospital and complained to its employers. So the nurses contacted the Wuhan Small Animal Care Association, whose members took Xiaopao inside.

The association’s director, Du Fan, said on May 24 that the shelter is now looking after animal lovers who volunteered to grow Chipopao. Ms Wu said she hoped Chiabao would find a landlord.

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