April 18, 2024

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Michigan Gretchen Witmer responded to her husband’s boat controversy

Michigan Gretchen Witmer responded to her husband's boat controversy

Michigan State Gretchen Whitmer said her husband dropped his name in an attempt to expedite his boat’s installation prior to Memorial Day.

“Knowing that this wouldn’t make a difference, he joked that if he married me, he could move on,” Whitmer said of her husband, Mark Mallory During a press conference on Tuesday.

“He’s sorry. I wish it hadn’t happened. That’s really all we have to say about it, ”he added.

The comments come after Whitmer – whose strict Corona virus lock-in policies have caused infamous uprisings in the state – escalated to heat when it appeared that her husband was trying to break the rules.

Three days after Whitmer announced that he would remove some restrictions on Memorial Day weekend, her husband tried to cut the line at a marina so his boat could be in the water during the holidays.

“Memorial weekend and we started working three weeks late, and this is unlikely to happen,” Northshore Dog LLC owner Todd Toker wrote of the incident in a Facebook post last week.

“Well, our office staff explained this to the guy. He said, ‘I’m husband to the governor. Does this make a difference?’ Replied. ” Wrote in the Dodger Post, which has since become private, According to the Detroit News.

Her husband’s plea came after Witmer asked residents to “think long and hard” before moving to second homes for the holidays. She and her husband own a vacation home 25 minutes from Traverse City.

Witmer told reporters this was her husband’s “failed attempt at humor.”

“She thought it might get a laugh. It wasn’t,” she shook her head.

“Truth be told, I didn’t laugh when it was broadcast to me because I knew how it would feel.”

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