April 16, 2024

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Michigan Sheriff removed riot gear to join George Floyd protesters

Michigan Sheriff removed riot gear to join George Floyd protesters

A Michigan sheriff stripped off his helmet and set aside his beard, and George Floyd joined the protesters for a moment in unison, videotapes.

“We want to be true to all of them, so I took off the helmet and put down the beards,” Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson said during Saturday’s demonstrations in Flint Township. According to the Detroit Free Press.

Swanson said the protest was due to the protesters approaching any confrontation, but as the protests continued, an outlet reported that someone had seen someone fist fights.

He said he felt there was a chance for law enforcement to join the demonstrators – and he took off his riot gear and walked up to one of the leaders of the march.

“I,‘ What else do I need to do? Asked for a telephone, he said, “Why deal with us?”, Swanson told the store. “The best moment of my police career was when we said ‘let’s walk’, and we walked a mile to where it started. I could feel an instant peace on both sides.”

There are scenes It has gone viral on Facebook Swanson denounced former Minneapolis guard Derek Chuvv, who was accused of killing Floyd by tying him in the neck for several minutes.

“The only reason we are here is to make sure you have a voice. That’s it, ”Swanson said. “Don’t think for a second that he represents who these cops are from across the country and around the country.”

He continued, “These cops love you … so tell us what we should do.”

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