April 18, 2024

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Mississippi Mayor Hal Marks is under fire for commenting on George Floyd

Mississippi Mayor Hal Marks is under fire for commenting on George Floyd

A Mississippi mayor faces severe backlash for his “disturbing” comments about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Police Detention – including the “if you can talk, you can breathe.”

Hal Marks, the mayor of Betel, weighs in viral video footage that shows Floyd in black, “I can’t breathe,” a white Minneapolis police officer swings him on the floor.

“When you say you can’t breathe, you breathe. The man may have died of an overdose or a heart attack, ”Marx tweeted, without any evidence. According to NBC News. Marx’s Twitter account No longer active.

In a follow-up tweet, the Republican – who was first elected mayor in 2009 and ran for governor in 2019 – reportedly said he “saw nothing unfair” about the 46-year-old Floyd’s death. Of the four Minneapolis police officers.

But his comments quickly provoked outrage, including two professional athletes who lived in the city of Meyer.

Anthony Alford, a Toronto Blue Jays player who graduated from Bethel High School, said: “How can you look at this video and make such a nonsense? Fumed on Facebook.

Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Javon Patterson Tweeted“As a former resident of Petal, you know … This is really worrying. To find out what a leader of the community feels even posting this. “

Marx later retweeted, tweeting that “tolerant progressives cannot tolerate a simple fact.”

The Petal Alderman Board held a special meeting on Thursday, voting unanimously to hear Marx’s resignation Clarion Ledger Report. Residents have called for his resignation, and protests are scheduled in the coming days.

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Marx responded by calling for people to resign.

“I will never surrender to the gang mentality,” he said.

In Mississippi, elected officials can only be removed from office if they commit crimes, according to Clarion Ledger.

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