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Mont-Sainte-Anne: RCR attacks subscribers who are reimbursed by their credit card

Mont-Sainte-Anne: RCR attacks subscribers who are reimbursed by their credit card

Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort wants customers to pay back their 2022-2023 subscription after being refunded by their credit card provider when the mountain was closed last winter.

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The manager of Mont-Sainte-Anne, Resort of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) is “threatening” these subscribers that they will not be able to purchase a new membership if they do not pay.

“Please you cannot purchase a new 23-24 membership before paying for 22-23. You have also lost the benefit of purchasing online and must now purchase your subscription at our customer service department counter,” reads an email.

On December 16, a few days after the gondola fell, RBQ demanded that all lifts be suspended.

The next day, December 17, RCR offered reimbursement for an unlimited season and weekly subscription. However, people choose to dispute the transaction through their credit card, which makes RCR unhappy.

File a claim

“Despite several requests from us, you still haven’t refunded your 22-23 subscription,” wrote a manager claiming more than $1,000 from a client who skied for just one day on November 29, 2022.

“I contacted them and they refuse to review their position,” said Monique Drolet. “They lost two customers. Hopefully one day we can talk about this manager in the past tense,” she added.

It should be noted that the concerned subscribers are not reimbursed twice by their credit provider and station.

Other plan subscribers pass, for night skiing, got the same email. “I’m willing to pay for the only trail evening I’ve done at Stoneham, but not for an unused subscription,” explained another skier, who didn’t want to be identified in hopes of getting there.

“Loyal Customers”

“With this behavior, RCR will continue its long descent of earnings by attacking its most loyal customers. A company that is seriously considering reinvesting in its business cannot behave this way,” said Group President Les. friends Du Mont-Sainte-Anne, Yvonne Charest.

For subscribers waiting for relaunch in January, 15% can be recovered in gift cards or Future Credit, but the procedures are lengthy.

“We had to ask and ask again and we received two weeks from the end of the season. It’s a way of forcing us to come back. This is normal but not surprising,” laments Johanne Navennek.

RCR did not respond to our interview request.

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