July 23, 2024

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Montreal is among the 50 busiest cities in the world

Montreal is among the 50 busiest cities in the world

A report by the organization revealed that Montreal will be one of the 50 most congested cities in the world in 2023. INRIX.

Motorists traveling to a metropolitan area lost an average of 57 hours in traffic jams, ranking 30th in the world. Quebec City is notably more congested than Berlin, Sydney and Amsterdam.

However, this data represents an improvement of about 20% compared to the 2022 data.

Across Canada, Montreal is the second most congested city after Toronto, where people lose around 63 hours on the roads. Vancouver is third with 49 hours.

New York is still in the lead

Worldwide, New York has the worst traffic jams. Motorists lost nearly 101 hours in 2023, representing a 4% decline compared to 2022.

London follows with 99 hours. Paris reached the foot of the podium with 97 hours.

Here are the ten worst cities in the ranking

1. New York – 101 hours

2. London – 99 hours

3. Paris – 97 hours

4. Mexico City – 96 hours

5. Chicago – 96 hours

6. Istanbul – 91 hours

7. Los Angeles – 89 hours

8. Boston – 88 hours

9. Cape Town – 83 hours

10. Brisbane – 74 hours

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