July 23, 2024

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Pharmacity is the victim of a privacy incident

Pharmacity is the victim of a privacy incident

PharmaScience was the victim of a privacy incident earlier this month, but the drugmaker has not said how many Quebecers were affected or what sensitive information slipped through its fingers.

“On June 1, we identified an unauthorized third party that accessed our network. We immediately activated our incident response plan, secured our systems, brought in our leading cybersecurity experts, and resumed our operations safely and efficiently. NewspaperIts spokeswoman, Valerie Puez, confirmed the information first released Press.

“We are working with our partners to ensure patients continue to have access to our medicines,” she added.

Having just experienced this incident, PharmaScience says it takes privacy and data security to heart.

Dealers are affected

Last Friday, News magazine About one in five dealers reported that American supplier CDK's software was hit by a cyberattack, forcing it to revert to paper to draw up its sales contracts.

Data hosted by La Rivière-du-Nord MRC for the municipalities of Sainte-Columban, Sainte-Hippolyte, Sainte-Sophie and Prévost also fell into the wrong hands, related to News magazine.

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