June 18, 2024

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More than 95% of Franco’s population are threatened…

Une salle de sport

According to densce data, the French 95% is not an appropriate level of activity, it will expose them at risk of deterioration of their health.

Practicing physical activity is important to our mental and physical health. According to Observation Published on Tuesday by the National Agency Health SecurityPowerEnvironment and workers (sons), French 95% can not practice enough physical activity It goes to a quiet and a very sedentary lifestyle. Co-chairman. Surely it is a situation that is in danger of shame from his health.

Almost all French people do not do enough sports

To come to this conclusion, Vinci lack of physical activity and related losses based on two studies, one is dating from February 2016 and another since June 2017. The female lives and stops. As a result of this analysis, researchers initially pointed out that women have been exposed to the lack of most physical activity. 70% of them would have action levels below that were identified to actually be healthy. About 42% of the population is affected by this disease as well.

Study about the topic of sedentary lifestyle Spending more than 8 hours in a sitting position every day to reveal the risk of Health. Click on ‘computer location’. As well as those adults under the low level of education as well as 45 will be affected by the highly sedentary lifestyle. 38% of adults will also be exposed to a level of sedentary action more than eight hours. For the residents of Paris, it is necessary to add two hours of sedentary activity compared with residents in rural areas.Two of static action

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The dangers associated with physical activity and sedentary lifestyle are as follows:..

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