July 17, 2024

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Most Popular Lifestyle Upgrades for 2023

Will 2023 be the year you get serious about improving your lifestyle? If so, there are plenty of choices, including home elevators, personal saunas, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Consider the following points about each upgrade and consider choosing one or more to transform your daily life.

Home Elevators

Once only found in opulent mansions and a handful of privately owned houses, home elevators are no longer rarities. In fact, because pricing has come down to reasonable levels in the recent past, homeowners of average means can afford to install them. Those building or improving their living space in the 2020s are pleasantly surprised at what home elevators cost and how useful they are.

Not only can the addition of a private elevator up the property and potential resale value, but the devices make any home into a more elegant, relaxing living space. However, there’s a major element of safety involved as well. That’s because many who opt to install a domestic elevator do so to avoid using stairs. For owners who plan to move someday, having an elevator can serve as a unique selling point that attracts more prospective buyers and fetches a higher selling price.

Personal Saunas

The personal sauna unit is another lifestyle upgrade that has been around for many years. However, recent technological advances and price reductions have made the units more economical for the average homeowner. Note that some of the product offerings are DIY kits for the mechanically inclined, but most are ready-made devices that are delivered directly to the buyer’s home. Small heated rooms are a natural therapy technique that anyone can enjoy.

People put saunas in many different places, but the most popular locations are larger bathrooms, basements, patios, and attics. If you want a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make your daily life less stressful and more physically relaxing, explore the many options in the personal sauna niche. Choose models designed for one person or many. Some integrate both wet and dry heating methods, infrared lighting, sound systems, and other interesting features.

Plug In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) Cars

After the major disappointment of all electric vehicles from 2010 onward, automakers revised their thinking based on consumer demand. The result was the introduction of PHEVs (plug in hybrid electric vehicles), which are cars that let drivers decide when to use all-electric power, when to run on gasoline, and when to use a combination of the two energy sources. GM pioneered the concept with the 2011 Chevy Volt hybrid plug-in. Since that time, federal and state tax incentives have come into being to encourage sales.

Dozens of car companies followed, and the marketplace was soon populated with dozens of fast-selling PHEVs. As an answer to the failed all-electric vehicle push, PHEV sales are taking off as consumers are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience of owning vehicles that give them a choice between fuel sources. For drivers who like the idea of not purchasing gasoline except on long trips, the plug-in hybrid is the smartest way to live a sustainable, convenient, and economical lifestyle.

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