May 21, 2024

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N-95 Masks: “Increased Consumption” Demanded by CNESST

N-95 Masks: "Increased Consumption" Demanded by CNESST

The Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) Committee on Friday demanded “increased use” of N-95 masks for workers in the health network.

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A meeting was held on Thursday between CNESST and various partners to address concerns about the safety of health care workers in the wake of the recent explosion in the COVID-19 cases and the spread of the Omicron variant.

“CNESST is currently sensitive to the reality of health workers who do not need to wear an N-95 mask because they are outside warm or hot areas, but provide care in more extreme conditions. They are at risk,” the company said. Press release.

CNESST therefore called for workers to extend the use of these masks “in the most dangerous situations, including certain conditions in cold regions.”

CNESST requested in February 2021 that health workers in hot zones wear the N-95 mask, which was extended one month later to moderate zones.

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