May 19, 2024

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NHL: Pierre-Luke Dubois scores first goal in jets uniform

NHL: Pierre-Luke Dubois scores first goal in jets uniform

Pierre-Luke Dubois had a three-point night, including two goals, and most importantly a 4 to 3 win in overtime at the Winnipeg Jets against the Vancouver Kanks.

When the Jets returned to form, Quebec stood out for a second term. He received a Blake Wheeler pass in the enclave to overtake Braden Holtby. Dubois’ second goal of the season came in his third game with a team from Winnipeg. He reduced the Canucks lead to 2-1.

“I am just happy to be free. The injury did not help physically, but also mentally, ”he said after a second period.

“Wheeler lost me a little while ago and I know he’s going to try a second time. It’s a great pass. Skyfile also played a great game in forward chess,” explained Dubois, who played with Wheeler and Mark Skyfile.

Brandon Sutter and Elias Peterson were in charge of Connex during the initial engagement. Peterson Net was skillfully directed as Cotter hit the puck between his legs with his back to the Hellebook net.

After DuBois expanded his game streak with at least 10 points on the net, Skyfile equalized the game with a shot that escaped Holtby.

In the third period Dubois was once again in the thick of action. He first took the penalty when Sutter hit him in the face with his stick. Quebecker then handed over to Neil Pionk on the power play and went to the back of the net to put a powerful shot jet forward from the defender point.

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The game with the Winnipeg Powerplay opened the door for the Canucks late and made Peterson pay for their mischief. After hitting the horizontal bar earlier, the forward moved the strings with a very precise landing shot with 37 seconds left to force overtime.

Dubois, Wheeler and Schiffel were once again brought together by their coach on the ice in overtime and they proved him right. Kubeker missed his glorious evening by beating Holtby in the 27th second of overtime to give the Jets the lead.

Columbus joined the Dubois Jets earlier this season after doing business with the Blue Jackets. Patrick Line and Jack Roslovic took the Columbus route in this exchange.

The forward had to be quarantined before joining his new teammates and he has been playing his first game with the Jets since February 11 due to injury.

With this victory, the Jets are 21 ahead of the Montreal Canadians who are third in the North Division with 23 points. However, the Jets played more of a game than the Hobbs.

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