May 21, 2024

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Nice Professor Oliver Gurin hopes that the mask will remain a “reflex” even after the infection

Le port du masque est toujours obligatoire

Kovid did not say his last word. As winter approaches we observe slight tremors of epidemic everywhere in France. Incidence rate in the Alps-Maritimes 59 cases per 100,000 residents last week, 62 this week. We can not talk about the spread yet, especially since hospitals are not as saturated as in the previous spread. But already the first patients are returning to emergency services. In this context, wearing a mask is mandatory until November 2 in the Alps-Maritimes. It is possible to extend.

“I hope this mask reflex is now part of our personal behavior.”

Professor Oliver Gurin is the Head of the Department of Aging at CHU de Nice and a member of the Scientific Council. Hospitals have been campaigning for years to wear masks. And he hopes people will continue to wear protection even after an outbreak.

“I’m not saying we wear it all the time but there are more than 50 people when we are in a closed environment.”

Oliver Gurin wants to believe that the epidemic will teach us to protect ourselves more effectively. Outraged over flu deaths: “I find it very difficult to bear 5,000 deaths a year, so when you see people causing harm, it’s not wrong to have this mask with you.” The doctor explains.

“Since we have a cell phone, we have a mask in our pocket.”

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