April 14, 2024

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NYC educators are funding the NYPD and demanding money for schools

NYC educators are funding the NYPD and demanding money for schools

New York City educators are campaigning for Mayor Bill de Blasio and city and state lawmakers to dramatically reduce funding for the police department and return millions of dollars to public schools.

The campaign was launched by Brooklyn MS 839 CM Michael Berlberg First announced SAGPET has received more than 600 signatures from school supervisors, teachers and parent activists.

The letter recommends that the NYPD no longer hire and supervise school safety agents. The NYPD adopted school security in 1998 amid complaints that school officials were scrapping violent student incidents.

The letter comes as public schools face budget cuts as the Corona virus epidemic hits a $ 9 billion hole in the city’s finances.

The rallying cry of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police and academics calling for the NYPD to defund

Academics said they criticized the NYPD’s “own bad history” of brutality against “black and brown New Yorkers.”

“We demand that the governor, mayor and city council pass a budget that puts children first at this critical time: a drastic increase in public school and community service budgets and sharp cuts to the NYPD budget.”

De Blasio, during his press conference on Friday, rejected calls for police forces to keep the city safe.

The mayor and council must approve the budget for the new fiscal year by July 1.

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