May 19, 2024

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Paul Byron on apology | Quebec Journal

Paul Byron on apology |  Quebec Journal

The next day with a 2-1 win over the Maple Leafs in Toronto, Mark Bergewin took the calculated risk. Canadians general manager Paul Byron chose to put his name on the apology.

At first glance, this maneuver may seem surprising. Byron, 31, wore an “A” on his jersey and belonged to a group of team leaders.

Used on the fourth row on the wing and in abbreviated missions since the beginning of the season, Byron no longer has such a prominent role on the ice.

Only three passes

In 14 games this season, Franco-Antarion has had just three assists, and his average playing time (12:36) has dropped by almost two minutes compared to the previous two seasons.

Byron saw a game from Press Bridge when he visited the Maple Leafs Bell Center last Wednesday. Claude Julian liked Corey Perry for him.

The money thing

By putting Byron on amnesty, Bergwin made a mathematical choice. At a salary of 3.4 million this year, but over the next two seasons, Byron did not impress any of the other 30 teams in the NHL.

“When you put an apology on a person, anything can happen,” Bergevin said at the start of the camp on January 3rd. With salary cap conditions, it is easy to hide large salaries and long-term contracts. But when you keep a player, there is a risk of losing him. “

To use DG’s words, Hubs hopes to hide Byron.

If not claimed this afternoon, the little winger will appear in the reserve squad. Thus, the Canadian saves about $ 10,000 ($ 9,267) per day under the salary cap. To get that number, we take 1.075 million (which can be deducted from a guaranteed NHL contract by sending a player to the Reserve Squad or the American League) and divide that by the number of days the number of players paid.

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Long break

CH will play his next game next Saturday at the Bell Center with Maple Leafs. Until the next meeting, Byron will remain in the reserve squad until Friday. In this alternative, we talk about saving about $ 50,000 ($ 46,335).

The more money Bergevin saves, the more players he can keep on the main team. Nowadays, Canadians can now buy two reserves, compared to one at the start of this season.

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