June 18, 2024

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People prefer the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE over other S20 phones

1 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in hand

The Galaxy S20 FE Samsung’s latest attempt to attract major buyers who do not want to spend $ 1,000 on a premium phone. In us Review Of the phone, it offers excellent value, great design and fast performance, all for the price starting from 99 599. The good news is that Samsung has Decided To launch a fan edition version of its flagship models every year.

All of these factors We had to think If you really want to buy Samsung Fan Edition phones than other Galaxy S flagships. Here’s how you voted in our poll.

Which Samsung flagship model are you buying?

Ask Poll Graphic and see for yourself what Samsung flagship model you will be buying in the future


Total 1,236 Android Authority Readers voted in favor, with 58.5% saying they would buy the Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition over any other S series phone. If we apply these poll results to current Galaxy S20 series phones, it is certain that most of our readers will buy the Galaxy S20 FE instead of other phones in the lineup.

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Meanwhile, most respondents voted in favor of the Vanilla Galaxy S series phone. In today’s terms, it is Samsung Galaxy S20. Some people do not want to spend more than $ 1,000 for the Samsung flagship, but prefer the updates they get on the standard S series flagship in the Fan Edition.

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus and Ultra models received the lowest votes in our poll – 12.4% and 8.2% respectively. Currently, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is 45% more expensive than the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. That probably explains why we got so few people in our poll. The base S20 Plus variant was more than $ 1,000 (exact $ 1,199) at the end of the poll. However, this phone is currently on sale Same $ 999 price As vanilla S20. So those who want to get the Galaxy S20 right now should think about getting the S20 Plus without paying much.

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Your views

  • Anthorama: They start phones starting from 1000e and then worry about sales. How far is it?
  • Philip: Samsung has phones in every price range, so you are not sure what you are complaining about. All major phones are now $ 1,000, including OnePlus.
  • Shizuma: I’m not interested in a Samsung phone since Note 9. Everything filled with compromises and sky high prices. Useless screen-to-body ratio number, lack of headphone jack, slapping of a huge camera tumor on the back of phones and compromised screens for some reason. Models, no SD card storage and no IR blaster. In general, it’s a lot more money for a bunch of features that I care less about and that I do not care about.
  • Gianluca di Maggio: Well, for Europeans, this seems like the only good way to get their phones with Snapdragon. In this case (S20 and variants), it’s more than just a good alternative to the Exynos 990.

That’s it this week! Thanks as always for all the votes and comments. Give us your thoughts on the poll and its results in the comments section.

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