April 18, 2024

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Police funds should be linked to basic standards of dignity

Police funds should be linked to basic standards of dignity

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday night that police-based federal aid should be tied to the ability to “meet certain basic standards of moral and corrupt conduct.”

Biden offered this advice “CBS Evening News” The outcry of nationwide protesters demanding justice for the police killing of George Floyd – after he repeated his campaign stance that he was opposed to the repatriation of police.

“No, I do not support police fraud,” Biden told anchor Nora O’Donnell.

“I support the federal assistance of conditioning the police, based on whether or not they meet some of the basic standards of polite and coherent information.

Earlier Monday, Biden’s campaign said it was supporting the “urgent need for reform”, including public school funding, summer programs, mental health and substance abuse, so that officials could focus on police work.

“It finances community police programs that improve the relationship between officers and residents and provides the training needed to avoid tragic, unjustified deaths,” the statement said.

According to the report, Biden said funding should be available so police departments can diversify “to resemble the communities they serve.”

Many cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, are considering funding for youth and community service programs from their police departments.

Politicians and members of the Black Lives Matter have urged national police to “defund the police” in the aftermath of George Floyd’s May 25 killing in Minneapolis police officers.

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