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Presidency in France | Environmental promises for Macron, Le Pen poses as a “mother”

Presidency in France |  Environmental promises for Macron, Le Pen poses as a "mother"

(Paris) Emmanuel Macron guaranteed a five-year term under the seal of ecology; Marine Le Pen has vowed to defend the “most vulnerable”: two rivals in the French presidential election continued their attack on Saturday on left-wing voters who mediated the April 24 election.

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Political poll of Leon BRUNEAU and AFP
France Media Agency

Eight days before the election, the outgoing president and his far-right rival continued their campaign tirelessly, each with a vision of uniting the country.

At the same time, several hundred people marched against the right in Paris and in about thirty cities, at a time when the Marine Le Pen does not seem so close to the Elysee, despite the latest surveys digging the gap, Emmanuel Macron won by 55.5%.

Photo by Thibault Camus, Associated Press

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen

Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ”

“Our concern is that terrorism will come to power […], We do not want Marine Le Pen at Elysee. We are here to say, “Use your ballot paper to prevent him from coming to power, we will not say ‘vote for Macron’, but it will come by itself,” insisted Paris, the co-president of the movement against Francois Southey for racism and public friendship ( Mrap).

Macron’s environmental promises

At a rally in Marseille, France’s second largest city, the presidential candidate addressed left-wing voters, especially environmentalists, promising to be directly responsible for the environmental plan if his prime minister is re-elected.

“Whether the approach I will follow in the next five years is environmental or not,” he began at a conference in the Pharaoh’s Gardens under the bright sun.

In front of a few thousand people, he promised to “completely revive” his policy, saying he “heard” the first round message left by champion in environmental planning Jean-Luc Melenchon. Surprised and reached the second round with 22% of the vote, Marine Le Pen was trailing by 23.1%.

The goal of this proposal is to move “twice as fast” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Although the theme of the fight against climate change is almost non-existent in the entire first-round campaign, Mr. Macron said he wanted to provide a “new perspective” in the years to come and defended his record: “We will not do anything in these five years,” he said, accusing his opponent of being “climatoseptic”.

The choice is clear: a climatoseptic project that seeks to destroy the right wind turbines.

Emmanuel Macron


At the same time, the right-wing candidate sank in St. Remy-sur-Avre, a small rural town in the northwest. In the conquered territory of this town of 3900 inhabitants she collected 37.2% of the votes, m.Me Le Pen promised to lead France as a “mother” and protect “the most vulnerable”.

“I will be your voice”, she promised the residents who came to express their grief: too much burden, lack of help, lack of equipment for the disabled …

He said that if the people vote, the people will win.Me Le Pen, however, is still worried about being away from his voters.

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Mentioning demonstrations against the most right and multiple platforms calling for a vote for Emmanuel Macron, MMe Le Pen accused him of “cruel concern” and “very disrespectful of democracy”.

According to her, the “system” in her view, suggested by Emmanuel Macron and his supporters, was “because he wants the people to regain power”.

The first results of the consultation that Jean-Luc Melenchon started with his 310,000 supporters for the second round will be revealed on Saturday evening. Absent, blank vote or Emmanuel Macron vote? On the evening of the first round, the leader of the Radical Left called on “not to give me a single voice.Me Pen “.

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