June 24, 2024

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Priority Quebec Team: Questionable photo selection on their website

Priority Quebec Team: Questionable photo selection on their website

On its website, the second opposition to city hall, Équipe Priorité Québec, strangely displays a photo taken in the heart of Montreal in the background image. News magazine.

In the “Become a Member” section, you can see the photo we mentioned on the cover with Montreal City Hall in the background.

Screenshot, Équipe Priorité Québec website

In the early afternoon, Équipe Priorité Québec clarified Newspaper That it was indeed an error on their part, but that the “machine is in motion” to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Just a few minutes later, a new photo covered the web page.

Another mistake

A little less than a year, News magazine Quebec previously reported that written communications from 21 were riddled with spelling, punctuation and syntax errors.

The second opposition in Quebec City Hall also misspelled the first and last name of its own leader and one of its elected officials.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Municipal Party spoke of its new leader Patrick “Paquette” (instead of Paquette) and his councilor “Steven” (instead of Stevens) Melancon.


Here are the mistakes in the Facebook publication from the Quebec 21 party, which has since been taken down.

Screenshot from Quebec 21 Facebook

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