June 24, 2024

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Pyramid Cheat: Two women appear in Saint-Hycinth

Pyramid Cheat: Two women appear in Saint-Hycinth

Two women who are the head of the pyramid fraud system appeared in Saint-Hyssinthe Court in Monterogy on Thursday.

Lyodmila Minina, 56, of Saint-Hycinth, and Isabelle Turcot, 43, of Carignon, are facing various charges of fraud.

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Minina is said to be the head of an evolutionary triangle cell, also known as the donation circle, which is similar to pyramid sales.

When Lyodmila Minina threw a party last February, she thought she would get 33,000 from its members.

Instead, she was visited by police officers from the financial crime unit of Certe du Quebec, who arrested her.

A few days later, his colleague Isabelle was pinned in a turquoise carignon. At that time, 000 8,000 were seized.

The two women were released on a promise to attend at a later date.

An investigation into the file was launched after several complaints were received across the province.

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