May 19, 2024

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Radio-Canada’s deception | The Journal of Montreal

Radio-Canada's deception |  The Journal of Montreal

As my wife Sophie Durocher told us on Friday, Radio-Canada needs to train all its employees so that they can “identify and eliminate their unconscious biases” and “change their distressing problematic behaviors”.

Injustice to the dunes!

During this one-hour training session on Maoist China’s re-education programs, August teaches its employees to identify with the highlights of society.

Who are they Simple: “Whites, men, heterosexuals, able-bodied, rich and educated”.

Yes, the educated are exceptional!

When you think about it, Radio-Canada is right …

Lawyers, surgeons, university rectors and heads of organizations like Radio-Canada are all educated!

Occupying these well-paid positions are people with diplomas!


This is discrimination against men and women who do not go to university!

To promote diversity, people who have not completed Secondary 2 should be allowed to have open heart surgery! To sit in the Supreme Court! Kaisse de Depot or Department of International Affairs to handle HEC!

Here, my neighbor manages the chainsaw well. Why was he unable to work at the Heart Institute?

And Grandma spends her days watching TV. Why not appoint her as the French Network Director of Radio-Canada? It always leads to the same elite!

Share your energy!

In the one-hour rehabilitation workshop that Radio-Canada imposes on its employees, it is stated that the “privileged” in society must “recognize their powers” and “share their power”!

What a great idea!

I can’t wait to walk into the office of Guy A. LePage Radio-Canada’s Programming Director: “Thanks for your workshop, I saw the light. I know I have powers because of my race and my gender, which I want from next week Everyone talks about it To avoid discriminating against inexperienced people on TV, host a randomly selected disabled black transgender twice. “

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Radio-Canada stars come, show the way! Lead by example!

Penelope McQueed, give up your place! You are special! Ditto for France Budoin! Voronic Cloutier! Jean-Rene Dufort! Jean-Philippe Vatier!

It’s so easy to say we want to promote diversity! Stop telling!

What about Radio-Canada directors?

President and CEO Catherine Tait (Blanche)? Michel Bissonet (White), Vice President of the French Network? Vice President Infrastructure and Technological Services Daniel Boudreau (Blank)?

Vice President People and Culture Marco Dubey (Blank)? Vice President Legal Services Sylvie Gadouri (Blanche)? Vice President Development Claude Galipe (White)?

Michael Mooney (White), Vice President Chief Financial Officer? Barbara Williams (Blanche), Vice President of the English Network?

A little embarrassing

Radio-Canada trains its employees on diversity, much like McDonald’s, forcing its employees to follow a workshop on vegetarianism.

Are you having a little trouble before telling the lesson, please

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