June 16, 2024

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Rare yellow penguin photo taken

Rare yellow penguin photo taken

The yellow and white king penguin, the photographer in the middle of the animal observation session, was amazed to see a rare phenomenon of nature.

Yves Adams of Belgium led the expedition in December 2019 to the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic while making this strange discovery. According to a British newspaper report, he “never saw” The Independent.

On his Instagram account, Mr. Adams described the animal as having lucidity, a genetic mutation that should not be confused with albinism, so that the melamine produced by the bird does not deposit in its plumage. So that its feathers change from black to yellow and cream to white.

“I had never seen a yellow penguin before and had never heard of it. There are 120,000 birds on this beach, and it is completely yellow, ”he said in an interview last week.

Mr. Adams said he and his team were very lucky to be able to observe the bird, it was not far from them. He said that since there are so many penguins in the same area, it is sometimes difficult to have a clear vision to take good shots.

“One of the birds looked a little weird, and when we looked closely we realized it was yellow. It drove us crazy when we noticed it. We let go of all our security equipment and took our cameras,” he recalled.

If this photo was taken more than a year ago, people would be able to see it recently, as the photographer would have to sort through thousands of photos.

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