May 19, 2024

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Recognized as a victim by IVAC 47 years later

Recognized as a victim by IVAC 47 years later

Nearly 47 years after she was first sexually abused by her father, when she was just 4 years old, Nancy Plamondon was finally recognized as a victim by the IVAC, the Compensation for Victims of Crime.

The company was criticized for not making its complaint in a timely manner, but backtracked.

She was attacked from the age of four until her teenage years. In the 80s.

She was only identified as a victim when she returned a third time.

“I have a feeling that justice must be done in the end and that I would be comforted if I could call it justice rather than criminal justice. I want the victims to persevere,” said Nancy Plamondon.

She was criticized for waiting too long before complaining.

“The abuse began when she was four years old, which means she had to make her arguments when she was five. , There have been criticisms that pornography was not announced the following year, which is completely ridiculous, “said his lawyer, Mark Bellemare.

With this benefit, she will be able to seek psychological help in the coming months.

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