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REM from the East: “Another Trick”, Gerard Budett believes

REM from the East: "Another Trick", Gerard Budett believes

Interviewed on the show All morning On Friday, Mr. Budet did not understand why A creature [peut-être] Trust the judge and the party at the same time and everything and vice versa.

CDPQ Infra initially rejected the underground route to go under downtown Montreal. Terrible disaster, downtown buildings collapsing, CDPQ Infra earlier, Mr. Budet recalled.

But she’s wrong, the plague is Mr. Budet. This is the mentality of CDPQ Infra in this project, and [cela montre] Disrespect to the population, experts, people who ask questions, He stressed.

However, the proposed tunnel under the city center will allow the station to be built behind. Mr. Budet commented that way For a $ 10 billion project, experts can be expected to admit that they have never thought about such a thing. To him, this project Clearly improved, this is a business plan.

Gerard Budett, Emeritus Urban Planner and Full Professor in the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal

Photo: Radio-Canada / Funny Borel

The interest of the people east of Montreal was put aside because CDPQ Infra Wants to export technology, wants to show [qu’elle] Can achieve it, And the population becomes a Test bench, guinea pig, regardless of consequences or outcome, Mr. Budet continues.

For him, CDPQ wants Infra Insert device Between the Guy-Favreau and Deszardins complexes, with Access ramp For Get off the highway. He can’t wait to see This terrible device between two real estate complexes.

“Bizarre device”

Mr. Budett adds more by saying In the south, there is Vastu treatment Specifically, and would like to insert the CDPQ Infra Bizarre device With ramp and sloping apron. We are told that this is a high quality design, a testament to the great concern that CDPQ Infra gives to the urban environment., But to him it was nonsense.

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In particular he says Kaise is the target of the ad Silence some part of the conflict that can be resolved by looking at the project with very tight blinds, And so on Disturb the people of East Montreal, we go overhead, may come.

Mr Budet regretted that the CDPQ Infra did not contact all players on public transport in the metropolitan area before entering the eastern REM. According to him, We go to ARTM, Montreal City, Montreal Metropolitan Community, And the fund has Only accountability to the Quebec government.

Great requirements

However, he acknowledged that public transportation needs east of Montreal were enormous, but it was The proportion of Eastern people working in the city center is very low. In this case, mobility is required REM are not provided. The Town Planner is amazed at the launch of CDPQ Infra By developing infrastructure, and [qu’ensuite elle] Try to fit the needs Public transport.

It should be the opposite, Budett believes. For him, Kais should assess mobility requirements by evaluating the available transport modes and evaluating the most favorable combinations. To satisfy as many people as possible, And taking into account costs.

CDPQ Infra did not provide data of this nature, Budet said, and that was the problem. That’s why I compete with the nature of this operation, not just the technical aspects of the Eastern REM project., He concluded.

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