June 24, 2024

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Revenue Quebec: Two out of three workers plan to quit

Revenue Quebec: Two out of three workers plan to quit

Revenue Quebec (RQ) is facing massive exits, according to a recent survey by Syndicate de Professionals at the Government du Quebec (SPGQ), indicating that two in three people are considering leaving their jobs if they have a presence. Still needed in the office.

Nearly 45% of respondents to the survey were not deceived by the obligation to stay in office two days a week imposed on them by Quebec tax authorities.

“In addition to the lack of adequate equipment to prevent the employee from providing an effective and satisfactory service, office days are usually spent on the team platform with televising with colleagues (and sometimes the manager),” he explained in a press release on Thursday. Guillaume Bowrett, SPGQ’s third vice president.

According to the union, RQ employees do not have professional autonomy, a situation at the heart of negotiations for the renewal of their collective agreement, which expired 15 months ago.

According to the SPGQ, working conditions and wages are also “significantly lower” than those of the Canada Revenue Agency staff.

“The lack of professional autonomy of our members is further compounded by the apparent loss of expertise of Quebec tax authorities,” he said, citing the problems of implementing software under contract as an example. Said Bowrett.

“The government agency is not only reducing it for outsourcing without training its employees to carry out its main mission, it’s awful!” He continued.

He specifically inquired whether the Quebec tax authorities also wanted to outsource the collection of tax debts.

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“Once again, RQ is offloading its mission for the benefit of private companies because the agency has not been able to retain its information technology professionals. [TI]Competition failed to provide compensation, ”he said.

SPGQ Revenue represents Quebec’s approximately 5,500 employees.

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