April 18, 2024

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Robert Kennedy Jr., the disturbing Democratic conspirator

Robert Kennedy Jr., the disturbing Democratic conspirator

Before heading to the NATO summit, the president may be rejoicing in Muse’s support of the progressive Democratic wing. Although she insists all is not well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has renewed her support for Joe Biden.

Even as Democrats worry behind the scenes about the president’s poor polls and voters’ continued perception of his health, Biden has navigated relatively calm waters before Robert Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy made waves.

Robert Kennedy Jr., a funny Democrat

I have stated from the outset that Robert Kennedy Jr. will not be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 campaign. On the other hand, failing to oust Biden could turn him into a pebble in the shoe.

Aside from his past as an activist on environmental issues, there is almost nothing in Kennedy Jr.’s current statements that would justify a candidacy with Democrats.

If I’m being a bit conspiratorial, Republicans or crazy conservatives have pushed him into Biden’s arms. Different polls put his approval rate at between 10% and 20%.

Kennedy Jr. has a legendary name, he’s eloquent, charismatic, and at 69, he’s in incredible shape. Despite the brilliance of Kennedy’s name, Biden’s opponent is a proven conspirator.

Among the “theories” he defends are his criticisms of vaccination, the origins of AIDS, the reasons for the increase in the number of transgender people, the censorship imposed on him by the FBI, the dangers of 5G towers or the effects of WiFi. The human brain.

If I add that he opposes a ban on assault rifles, regularly favors Vladimir Putin’s Russia, or claims the American presidential election was rigged, you might already think he’s campaigning with Donald Trump.

Controversial and surprising support

When the former US Attorney General’s son announced his intention to take on Biden, I had to resist the temptation to dismiss him, his candidacy appearing so lacking in substance.

Unlike other fringe candidates, Kennedy Jr. already has the financial backing to hold out beyond the first primaries of 2024. If he wins, Joe Biden will have no choice but to face it in the debate.

Who could associate with such an inexperienced and scheming candidate? We were able to establish a link between a super PAC that supports it and Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green. The latter is also very controversial and serious, but it knows how to generate large sums of money.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Kennedy Jr. received significant support from Silicon Valley millionaires, including Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter). With promoters like that, Kennedy is going to annoy Biden for a while yet.

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