July 23, 2024

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SpaceX helps Apple improve this feature

iPhone 14 Plus

SpaceX will launch a series of new satellites on behalf of Apple partner Globalstar. These satellites, in orbit from 2025, will support the iPhone satellite communication system.

Announced last year, the iPhone 14s is equipped with a satellite emergency call system. The feature, officially called “Satellite Emergency SOS”, allows iPhone users to Contact emergency services Even if they find themselves in white areas with no mobile network.

It is also possible to share your location with loved ones to request their help. Also available in France, this option will cost Apple $450 million in research and development.

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How SpaceX Will Improve iPhone Satellite Connection?

The Cupertino giant relies on Globalstar, an American company that owns a veritable constellation of satellites (similar to Starlink) dedicated to telephone communication, to operate this SOS system. As reported by New Orleans media NOLA, Globalstar recently Help is sought from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company. The information appeared in a federal filing with the United States’ financial regulator, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), signed by Globalstar.

As part of the $64 million deal, Apple sought partner SpaceX A series of satellites are deployed in space Between 2023 and 2025. These new satellites improve the iPhone’s satellite communication system. The organization is committed to maintaining “Payments […] on a periodic basis” Until 2025 at SpaceX.

SpaceX bought the satellites from the Canadian company for $327 million last year. To finance the operation, Globalstar could rely Apple’s cash reserves. The California group originally loaned Globalstar $252 million. The loan is part of an initial agreement signed by the two partners in 2020. Apple has indeed complied Pay 95% of expenses Designed by the Satellite Network implementation for the iPhone. That’s why Tim Cook’s company injected 450 million dollars into the project.

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Thanks to a growing satellite network, Globalstar can deliver Better coverage For iPhones in emergencies. As a patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows, Apple has big ambitions for the feature. The company is studying the possibility of expanding the possibilities offered by the system. In the future, iPhone users will be able to share photos, videos or send messages to loved ones via Globalstar satellites. Apparently, Apple will completely lift the restrictions of its system, currently limited to emergency communications only.



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