June 24, 2024

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Canning: Quebec tradition back!

Canning: Quebec tradition back!

When you think of caning, you might think of your grandmother, but canning is a practice that is gaining popularity again.

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“The world is going back to traditions. According to Carlos Barbosa of Charcuterie Campagnard at Marche des Jardinières in La Prairie, canning is a Quebec tradition that we’ve somewhat lost.

The advantage is not only to benefit from saving money, but “we can protect our food from Quebec. [consommer] Throughout the year,” he adds.

Other produce like squash does not need to be canned as they are suitable for long term consumption.

“Keep them in a dry place away from light,” says our expert.

This is especially true for onions, leeks, French shallots and carrots.

To keep your fruits and vegetables longer, consider making jams or “freezing them as is.”

Watch how to prepare your beets in the video above.

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