As inflation continues to rise, in this special mini retreat, we show you tips to make ends meet. Pension reform has been the subject of debate for several weeks. If you are considering retirement, these are some tips that can help you.

Pension reform is the subject of discussion today

Emmanuel Macron wants to change the French retirement age. He fixed the retirement age at 64 instead of 62 as usual. Two more jobs for the French, which caused a huge stir. Since last year, questions about retirement have doubled.

The revaluation was welcomed with open arms, but the decision to change the retirement age sparked controversy. The Independent Freedoms Overseas and Territories Group, or LIOT, has said it will introduce a bill to amend pension reform.

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Employee savings

It is a system established by employees with their employer. Employees can start saving in the form of Company Savings Plans or PEE. There are also savings plans for collective retirement or PERCO. Payments for the latter are made according to the means of the employees.

Life Insurance

Apart from PEE or PERCO, there is also life insurance. It is the savings made from the savings agreement that helps build capital for retirement. You will benefit from tax benefits, which will allow you to save better later.

Retirement Savings Scheme

This time it is an alternative, even an option, where it is possible to compose additional income. You have a choice between 3 different PER, firstly individual or PERin, collective PER or PERco and finally categorical PER or PERcat.

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Real estate investment

Investing in real estate is a long-term solution for retirement. Knowing how to invest in profitable plans ensures a good retirement. When you invest in buying real estate you get rental income and again you gain an upper hand on tax benefits. SPCIs and OPCIs are also solutions that enable indirect investments in real estate.

Other investments

Other investments can also be made as in Cryptocurrencies, forests, farmland and art.