June 16, 2024

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Spreads nine to meetings in parks in Montreal

Spreads nine to meetings in parks in Montreal

While Montreal’s public health has reported 216 active outbreaks across its territory, several meetings in the parks are the source of nine of them, regional director Dr Mylene Drouin said at a news conference Wednesday.

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“We started to spread in the community, which is completely normal because there are more contacts in the parks. Nine out of our 16 spreads in the community are related to the contacts people have in the parks,” Dr Drouin said, urging the population to be more careful.

Dr. Drouin advises avoiding sharing food, glasses, belongings and staying away from other people.

“There is a way to have safe practices outside and if you commit an outbreak, continue to work with public health. We are not playing police, we are not confirming behavior, but it is important for us to find transmission chains.”

The report covers 84 offices, 64 in schools, 26 in daycare services, 12 in care settings and 16 in the community.

“The virus is still in circulation, but all of these are small, well-controlled outbreaks,” said the director of public health.

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