May 23, 2024

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Staying in a hotel: Avoid these three products

Staying in a hotel: Avoid these three products

If you are one of those people who like to use the products provided in the hotel room, then you should take care of some of them…

A former hotel manager who recommended that travelers stay away from certain toilets and coffee machines revealed at least the same thing.

In a video from the TikTok mobile app, Melissa Hanks shared her views based on experiences with former clients, British daily ‘The Mirror’ reported.

“As a caffeine user, I never use a coffee machine in a hotel,” says the former hotel manager. She explained that the coffee filter is never cleaned by employees and can be used by other people to make drinks other than coffee.

The young woman was advised not to use the shampoo and conditioner bottles because she saw some type of body fluids in the bottles.

His very popular video received thousands of comments. A frustrated man said, “I used shampoo yesterday, and now I’m shocked.”

Another person said: ‘Why do I have to watch this when I’m in a hotel?’

“I will never use anything in the bedroom again,” reads another comment.

Melissa Hanks said people should consider asking for new, unopened toilets before they arrive for their stay.

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