April 14, 2024

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Stunning places with a long history in Poland

When Polish-Canadian footballer Nicole Zajac moved from Canada to Poland to develop her soccer career, she didn’t even expect it to be such a fruitful period in her life! What does she appreciate and recommend the most about Poland after living there for five years?

Nicole Zajac, born in Canada, was always aware of and appreciated her Polish origin but had never planned to move there. Her Polish family history has its roots in the childhood and youth of her dad, Czeslaw, as he reached and settled in Toronto in the 1990s. So why did Nicole decide to return to the homeland of her dad? She shared that her decision was based on professional opportunities as well as a family connection with Poland. Initially, in 2018, she joined the club in Konin with a lot of uncertainty about her future. But over the last five years, Poland has proven to be the perfect home for Nicole. After five seasons in the Polish league in the GKS Katowice team, winning the Polish championship, and obtaining medals and trophies, Nicole Zajac doesn’t regret this huge life-changing decision. She now encourages others to get to know Poland better.

A city full of hustle and bustle – Katowice

Katowice, the city where Nicole settled, is the biggest in the entire Silesia and Zagłębie metropolitan area, and you can feel it at every step. And you can be surprised how full of life it is even though it isn’t so well-known by foreigners. Concerts, exhibitions, sports events – choose what you prefer. There’s no problem with finding exciting ways to spend your free time during the weekend but also on workdays because there’s always a lot happening in Katowice. Another huge advantage? You never feel like you can’t get somewhere; in Katowice everything seems to be within arm’s reach, and arranging a meeting with friends in a convenient place is not a problem. Nicole shares that she especially likes the center of Katowice – downtown, which is the heart of music, but whenever she has the opportunity, she also explores other, new parts of the city with her friends.

Poland is the new heart of Europe for tourists

Nicole now feels equally comfortable and confident in both of her homelands. As for Poland, she greatly appreciates that, just like in Canada, she can spend her free time there in beautiful places full of greenery and nature. Furthermore, anyone living outside Europe emphasizes the quality of food there. Poland is no exception in that regard – Polish cuisine is genuinely fantastic and loved by a wide range of nationalities. Polish cities also stand out positively in terms of tourist attractions and public transportation availability. Many Polish cities have a long and rich history that you could explore for weeks. Many visitors (but also Polish citizens) enjoy sightseeing castles and learning about other remnants of ancient culture, and Poland has a lot to be proud of in that regard. But even if someone isn’t so interested in history and just wants to relax in a friendly place, they will certainly enjoy cities like Katowice, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, or Gdansk. Do you prefer to go on adventures? We also have beautiful mountains, the Polish seaside, and diverse wild areas to explore! Last but not least, the huge advantage of visiting Poland is that you can reach almost every location around the cities by tram or bus. Also by coaches and thanks to the numerous train connections, it’s so convenient to travel between Polish towns and cities. Regardless of whether you choose to go sightseeing in cities or explore nature, Poland is equally beautiful, exciting, and safe to travel around!

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