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Submitting a bill in Quebec on a family doctor service offer

Submitting a bill in Quebec on a family doctor service offer

The Legalt government will present a bill on Thursday “aimed at increasing the supply of primary care services by general practitioners and improving the management of these supplies.” The Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ) stated that this was “disappointing” and that the approach taken by Quebec was “incomprehensible”.

When asked about the bill in the corridors of Parliament, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey simply replied: “I can say it will be an issue.” She reached out to the doctors. It is therefore impossible to know whether a quota of 1000 patients will be imposed on each physician or whether coercive measures are planned.

FMOQ claims to have ignored everything about the content of this bill. She said she found out about the matter late Tuesday night. “If it’s an outstretched arm, I wonder why the radio has been silent for three weeks, unfortunately. [de la part de Québec], Its president dR Louis Godin. If we really want to reach out to each other, why not discuss [avec nous] Three weeks on and we haven’t started working? According to the FMOQ, the “final official meeting” with the government will begin on October 20.

DR Louis Godin fears that if we do not come to an agreement it will be a bill of coercion, liability or intimidation above all else. “We have already expressed it. If it goes by force, it will have a very negative impact on the earth,” he said. It brings confusion and demotivation. “Tired doctors have already announced The intention is to reduce their care.

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Impatience is explained

In Quebec, more than 800,000 people still do not have a family doctor. However, 15% of general practitioners in Quebec work full-time in the office, caring for less than 500 patients, Based on data obtained by Destiny.

Prime Minister for a few months Franకోois Legalt Blamed the family doctors Not doing enough in terms of patient care. In his inaugural address to Parliament on October 19, he reiterated his impatience with them. “I have always thought it would be good to come to an understanding with the doctors, but if necessary, we would not hesitate to make a decision, because we expect the Quebeckers to take care of having a front row service. Reasonable time,” he said at the time.

At a press conference the next day, the Prime Minister made it clear that this “end” bill could take shape. He also reported that “statistics from RAMQ, doctor by doctor” indicate the number of patients registered per person. List that Franకోois Legalt wants to send to CIUSSS and CISSSS, if law permits. FMOQ denies maneuver.

After that the tone dropped. Last week, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube gave signs that he would no longer comment on the family doctor’s file in the coming weeks, so the parties had a “very positive and constructive discussion”. He noted that the list printed by his government was “denominated”, meaning that the name or practice number of ordinary practitioners did not appear.

“I have the feeling of hearing two speeches,” said D.C.R Louis Godin. […] It makes us think about ourselves, what we have lived Gaton Barrett And we’ll see what it gives. It just gave me dissatisfaction with family medicine. “

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Arm wrestling method

According to Franకోois Beland, a professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal and an expert in the management and evaluation of health policies, neither the population nor the government will emerge victorious from the stalemate with ordinary practitioners in the current context. Health system under stress.

“Historically, when reforms or bills affecting physicians were made in the form of a coup, it did not work,” he explained. We do not know what this new bill will do, but when we need to use the stick, the carrot usually follows. “

In Quebec, unlike when the Quebec Health Insurance Plan was formulated, general practitioners joined after a long struggle, the most important and lasting changes were made after lengthy negotiations, Franకోois Beland recalled.

“What we can expect from this bill is that as doctors and their unions become more open to other types of care and payments, we hope the government will continue on this quiet path,” he said.

Even the liberal leader, Dominic Anglade, believes that the harsh method once suggested by his party is no longer appropriate. Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt recently praised the merits of former Health Minister Gaton Barrett’s Bill 20, which seeks to impose financial penalties on physicians who fail to meet government productivity targets.

“These terms [du projet de loi 20] In the absence of an epidemic, we have no known waiting lists, which is a very different case. That is why we have to take a different approach to find a solution, “said Dominic Angled, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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