May 19, 2024

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Summer holidays: Many Estonians make their way to the east coast

Summer holidays: Many Estonians make their way to the east coast

Summer vacation is approaching and Estrie is not far from the United States, so it is not surprising that many Estrie residents choose the American East Coast for their summer vacation. Since the pandemic, the number of Estonians going to the beaches of our southern neighbors has been increasing.

This summer the Estonians will travel to the east coast of America. “There's still a renaissance on the Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach side,” asserts Christian Dubreuil, co-owner of Voyage Aqua Terra Sherbrooke.

According to a survey conducted by CAA-Quebec last December, 40% of Quebecers plan to move to the United States in the next 12 months. According to the owner of the Alouette Beach Resort Hotel in Old Orchard, it is unique in Ostrians.

“We have a lot from the Sherbrooke and Magog area. “That's probably the biggest section,” said Fred Kennedy, who joined there.

The same is true of Camping Virginia Beach. “During construction holidays, between 75% and 80% now come from Quebec. There are people who come here from Estrie,” noted campsite manager Philip Upton.

But why do Estonians choose the east coast? A Sherbrooke resident vacationing in Myrtle Beach talks about the variety the destination has to offer.

“In the summer, a lot of people leave from Quebec to come here. Myrtle Beach is beautiful and there are so many things to do. The people are friendly and there's something for everyone: golf courses, mini-putts, shopping centers,” says Nancy Gillette from her beachside home. Joined directly from the hotel room.

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Furthermore, according to a CAA-Quebec survey, after arriving at their destination, Quebecers are primarily looking to take vacations. “Surprisingly, people's goal is to do exploration-type trips, so we're not going south, we're going to the United States,” communications consultant David Marsille explained.

The most popular activities are going to the beach, discovering history and culture, relaxing, discovering local gastronomy and making urban discoveries.

During the pandemic, people didn't travel and since the borders reopened, the US East Coast has become popular. The car remains the most popular means of transport among travelers, which explains the Estonians' enthusiasm for the beaches of the east coast.

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