June 24, 2024

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Surprising Supreme Court…

Surprising Supreme Court...

For the first time in Canadian history, a majority of women sit on the Supreme Court (SC) bench. yes Finally. Five of the nine judges are now women.

The news did not go unnoticed in Quebec. However, this represents a major step forward for women in Canada. Not to mention that it would strengthen diversity at all levels, which has been steadily gaining ground in recent years in the nation's highest court.

Thanks to Justin Trudeau's recent appointment of Mary T. Morey as CS, women are now in the majority.

A highly respected Franco-Albertan lawyer, Justice Moray has been known for decades for her persistent defense of the rights of minority French-speaking communities. They need a lot.

from many horizons

This variation of CS is also seen in Judge Michel O'Bonsavin. An Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation, this veteran jurist is known for her deep knowledge of Indigenous rights.

Montreal-born Justice Sheila L. Martin is, among other things, an expert in commercial transactions, feminist legal theory, and advanced constitutional law.

And what about Chief Justice Richard Wagner? A wise jurist is especially concerned with questions of ethics and transparency. The defense is always for better access to the justice system, which is too expensive for many citizens.

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Tower of Pisa

Born in Montreal and son of former Quebec justice minister Claude Wagner, Richard Wagner exudes a refreshing personal candor through his interviews, rare even for the chief justice of CS.

Although the Court of Appeal last week issued a surprisingly favorable ruling on the CAQ's law on secularism, perhaps this Supreme Court, more diverse than ever, will one day shed its bad reputation as a tower of justice. Always, leaning towards Quebec. To be continued…

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