April 23, 2024

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SVU ‘will highlight the death of George Floyd

SVU 'will highlight the death of George Floyd

NBC’s long-running crime drama “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” takes on police brutality to highlight the deaths of George Floyd and the anti-police protests on the streets of the United States.

Executive Producer Warren Light set out his plans Hollywood Reporter “TV’s Top 5” podcastFloyd’s death tells the hosts that “it must come, it will happen.” Fox News reports.

“There are ways, we’ll find a way to tell the story,” Light told listeners. “Presumably our cops will try to do the right thing, but it will be difficult for them. They are going to understand why it is difficult for them.”

Light also talked about how to change the show’s writers to “bring in new voices, new voices, different voices.” He did not describe the changes.

Last year, Light told the hosts, the crime drama, which premiered in 1999, “tried very hard last year to show how class and race affect the outcomes of justice in society.”

However, he pointed out that he suspects that “” too difficult “is not enough,” Fox News reported.

“This should be a moment for people to be embarrassed – those in power should be embarrassed,” he said.

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