June 24, 2024

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Taxes: The sad old refrain returns

Taxes: The sad old refrain returns

The old catchphrase “we’re the highest taxed in North America” ​​continued like an old neoliberal record skipping. This is a questionable example. In the era of globalization, we can compare ourselves beyond our neighbors.

In recent news, I have not seen a way of life so unusual in the United States or in the provinces that it is absolutely necessary to draw inspiration from it. Moreover, the two countries that top the list of happiest countries are Finland and Denmark, which pay the highest taxes.

Bored Alberta

Let’s look at Alberta. These desperate people on the right, who already live in a province with practically no state and low provincial taxes, don’t seem to glow with collective joy. Every man seems to share in his own growing depression.

So, no, neither the United States nor Alberta are beautiful little pieces of paradise to be reproduced at all costs.

Second, we are currently experiencing stronger economic growth than Ontario and are less indebted than them. Why change the recipe?

Tax reductions are being pushed forward

Moreover, we do not have the means to: dip into the CAQ Generations Fund; PLQ declared deficit for seven years; Conservatives, butcher the state’s missions and live off the oil. Beautiful programs!

Low taxes when everything is cracked

While our public services are struggling, there is a shortage of teachers in schools, specialists, waiting lists for day care or exploding doctors, and safety in the metropolis is a concern.

We hesitate to invest in public transport, court delays are endless, social housing is in short supply, social assistance is starved, seniors are on very low incomes.

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After a period of austerity following the last tax cut, it seems to me that we need to consolidate the necessary missions. Cutting state revenue when recession is upon us…responsible?

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