June 24, 2024

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Telework: Quebec City victory over white collar workers

Telework: Quebec City victory over white collar workers

Although twenty employees of the 311 service were required to report daily to their office, the city of Quebec did not violate the June 2020 government decree on television, according to a Grevens Arbitrator decision.

“The right to manage [de l’employeur] The decree is intact despite the decree ”, we read in the decision made publicly by referee Jean-Franకోois La Forge on Monday afternoon.

Quebec City White Collar Union 311 Employees of the service have been struggling for months to make sure they are teleworking, In the spring of 2020, took place in the first wave of pollution.

However, “We cannot conclude that the position of the employer is unreasonable and that its decision is based on bad faith or abuse. He had to deal with teleworking from the beginning of the epidemic and learned from this experience relying on VPN connection problems, weak or unreliable internet networks and telephone problems. ”E Forge.

According to him, the municipal administration “can not record calls, which is annoying, because he described it as a major, because the lack of recording harms agents and loses the owner of the training tool. It is even more difficult for him to determine the quality of interactions with the citizen”.


Asked Newspaper, Union leader Real Pleu said he was “deeply disappointed” by the decision. “If we can go to a judicial review we will analyze properly. We are not sure about that,” he admitted.

The union hopes to file a new complaint on the same subject based on the December 2020 government decree making telework mandatory. “We are going to use chips to handle oil changes, But we can not put a call center on the telework, Mr. Pleu was shocked. This does not make sense. ”

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Although he did not yet have time to read the decision, on Monday afternoon, Mayor LaBeouf said he was “very happy” because “we felt we had our rights.”

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