April 14, 2024

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The children of Michael Jordan revealed their father’s competitive level of competition

Michael Jordan, seen here with Phil Jackson, raises his NBA Finals MVP trophy following a last-second shot to secure a third straight title for the Chicago Bulls.
But, as can be seen clearly in the new 10-part documentary series ‘The Last Dance,’ it was his amazing will to win that made him so different from the others.

The show, which narrates Jordan’s last epic season with the Chicago Bulls, depicts a man who is obsessed with victory – whether it’s a card game or a training game with teammates.

It seems that even his children are not immune, because the three of them – Jasmine, Marcus and Jeffrey – remember an incident playing football with their father, in their home.

“Jeff will do a touchdown and, I will never forget, my father set Jeff on the glass table and Jeff hit his head,” said Marcus Jordan. Breakfast Club radio station, revealed the incident required his brother to get stitches.

“That’s competitiveness. Obviously, it was an accident.”

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‘The last time I hit him talking’

Examples of such competitiveness are evident throughout the document, noting how nothing and nothing hinders Jordan.

His team mates in the US experienced that firsthand during a legendary training session ahead of the 1992 Olympics, as documented by the show.

The US has put together a dream team of NBA stars, including legends like Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, but it soon becomes clear who the real leader is.

Jordan is famous for pulling all the stops to drag his team to victory in what should have been a training game, completing scores with a number of teammates in what he calls the best game he has ever played.

It seems that such excellence continues into his retirement and goes beyond basketball.

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Former world no. 1 golfer Brooks Koepka remembers a time when he learned to never throw out the trash talking to Jordan again, during the round with the famer hall.

Heading into the last two holes, Koepka made the mistake of teasing his opponent, who got a simple response from Jordan.

“He just threw the ball, took his swing practice and looked at me. ‘This is the fourth quarter, honey, I’m not losing,'” said Koepka Sports center, revealed Jordan went on to win the last two holes.

“Maybe this is the last time I hit him.”

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‘The biggest misunderstanding’

Many of his competitors only look at Jordan’s side and may not be able to understand a time when he didn’t do everything in his power to win.

But her children revealed that their father could relax and give up his competitive advantage from time to time.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that he can’t turn it off,” Jeffrey Jordan told The Breakfast Club.

“He can definitely turn it off and become a father, take us to school, and make sure we finish our work. But when it’s turned on, everything lights up.”

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