April 14, 2024

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The former judge urges the court to prosecute Flynn despite the DOJ’s attempt to drop the case

The former judge urges the court to prosecute Flynn despite the DOJ's attempt to drop the case

A former judge, who was appointed to oppose the Justice Department’s request to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn, insisted in a court filing on Wednesday, arguing that the government’s demand for dismissal of the case was merely “pretext” justification.

Said former Judge John Gleason A DC federal court filing That “[t]The facts surrounding the filing of the government’s motion are clear evidence of gross misconduct. They reveal an incredible attempt to conceal a reasonable decision to dismiss, based solely on the fact that Flynn is President Trump’s political ally. “

Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in late 2017 on two calls with then-Russian ambassador Sergei Kislak, which carries a maximum of five years in prison, but he sought to withdraw his plea deal this year. could not say.

The Justice Department moved to drop the case against Flynn in May, and FBI agents, including Peter Strazovac, tried to trap him in January 2017, finding there was no valid basis for interviewing Flynn’s days in the Trump administration.

Recently released documents show that the FBI almost closed the investigation on Flynn on January 4, 2017, and found no evidence that he was a Russian agent. But Strzok and his mistress, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who traded anti-Trump texts, intervened to open the case, citing the obscure Logan Act of 1799, which banned ordinary citizens from conducting foreign diplomacy. The law is widely regarded as unconstitutional.

US District Judge Emmett Sullivan appointed former U.S. District Judge Gleason as a lawyer in New York to protest the Justice Department’s request to drop the case.

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In pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, Flynn avoided charges of working as an unregistered agent of Turkey and agreed to cooperate with investigators in Russia investigations. The investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of a Trump-Russia partnership.

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