May 19, 2024

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The more than one billion project will create 600 jobs

The more than one billion project will create 600 jobs

Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt and Finance and Innovation Minister Pierre FitzGibbon announced the $ 1.8 billion project on Thursday, which will create hundreds of jobs.

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“These are about 600 new jobs per year, at a rate of 000 per 100,000,” the prime minister told a news conference.

This includes the construction of a control center and antenna manufacturing plant for Telesat’s light-speed satellites.

Telesat plans to launch these 300 satellites into orbit by 2023; At an altitude of 1000 km orbiting the earth.

They are used to assist the aeronautics, shipping, telecommunications and government sectors.

Such satellites make it possible, for example, to provide high speed internet to most remote areas.

It is the Ontario company MDA, which has a large plant west of the island of Montreal, which will announce the construction of new facilities in Quebec.

These satellites are manufactured by the Franco-Italian group.

This project allows the company to provide affordable bandwidth to Internet service providers and mobile phone network operators.

Sylvain Laroke, in collaboration with the Journal de Montreal

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