April 14, 2024

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The New York Kindergarten tragedy is that he cannot be a ‘big boy’ when he graduates

The New York Kindergarten tragedy is that he cannot be a 'big boy' when he graduates

Five-year-old Aidan Nasiri has big plans for his kindergarten graduation from Manhattan’s Ideal School. “One of Aidan’s aunts was flying from Iran on this occasion, and we were planning a big family reunion around graduation,” said Father Amin. Now, he said, the Upper East Side family has other plans. “We’re going to do great things. We have a distant party to turn Aidan’s moving festival into a first-class special.” Here is the take on Aidan:


Aidan Nasiri, 5.

Ameen Nasiri



“I don’t have to wait until summer or winter …

I am a big boy and can’t wait to graduate kindergarten. Mum and Dad said I was going to graduate, but it would be different than when I was still going to class.

They bought me a special hat and gown. We stamped the letters on the top of the hat in school colors.

They pronounce IDEAL, which is the name of my school.

We’re going to have a party at Zoom, where my aunts and cousins ​​can see me in my graduation outfit.

They live all over the United States in places like California, New Jersey. I’m going to make a big chocolate cake with Mommy and Dad. But I am going to eat more of it because I love chocolate!

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