June 24, 2024

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The upcoming Hyundai Kona EV is the result of a battery fire.

The upcoming Hyundai Kona EV is the result of a battery fire.

It is unclear whether the US recall will be for a similar issue.

Andrew Croke / Roadshow

Some are following Hyundai Kona EV battery fires reported, The automaker has issued a recall for the possibility of a fire accident in its native South Korea. Reuters first reported A total of 25,564 electric crossovers were added, it was recalled on Thursday.

Roadshow has also confirmed that it will conduct recalls for electric cars in the US from Hyundai. The automaker said it was in the final stages of filing a voluntary recall with NHTSA for the Kona EV, although it declined to provide further details. We do not know if the recall will cover the issues mentioned in the Korean recall or how many cars will be involved. Owner notices for recall will be coming out soon.

In Korea, Hyundai says the solution will include software updates, but following vehicle inspections, some Kona EVs can receive the newest battery packs. Hyundai is silent on the battery issue Kona E.V. A fire in South Korea last May and another battery fire in Canada led to the explosion.

Hyundai had previously told the Roadshow that it had released an update to the battery management software in the aftermath of these events and did not comment on fire investigations last June.

LG Chem supplies batteries for the electric crossover and a reconstruction of the incident that led to the Korean fire did not give the same result, a statement to Reuters confirming that the battery cells did not cause the fire. However, it plans to investigate the matter with Hyundai. LG Chem did not return the roadshow request for comment.

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