May 21, 2024

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“There is zero conflict of interest,” Minister Pierre FitzGibbon stressed

“There is zero conflict of interest,” Minister Pierre FitzGibbon stressed

Responding to information from Journal of Montreal Eric Martino-Fortin, one of the founders of White Star, confirmed that he met with Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt in January 2019. Pierre FitzGibbon never met with the White Star Fund at his framework. Serves as minister.

To the journalists who questioned him about the publication Journal of Montreal A photo showing him in the company of Mr. Legalt and Eric Martino-Fortin, Pierre FitzGibbon wanted to describe himself.

According to him, the snapshot was taken at a financial dinner in Paris, during which he was to meet with Patricia Barbizet, an influential financier in France, and his associates, including Mr. Martino-Fortin‌. Prime Minister Legalt and his wife met at the scene If a, They decided to get immortal for the moment by taking a photo together. The whole thing would not have been Only three or four minutes, Assure Pierre FitzGibbon.

I have never discussed with the White Star since I took over as minister.

A quote from:Pierre FitzGibbon, Quebec Finance Minister

It is believed that the Minister of Finance, also the personal assets of the four accused in the last four years of the Ethics Commissioner and the two accused in the National Assembly Zero conflict of interest, That he had nothing to be ashamed of and that he had no intention of leaving the Council of Ministers.

However, according to Journal of Montreal, Investment‌s Two executives of the White Star Fund are listed in the lobbyists’ register to receive financial support from Quebec, which is responsible for Pierre FitzGibbon.

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According to the minister, the personal funds he owned at White Star were invested in 2014, long before he became a minister. The fund was already closed and put on liquidation when he entered politics. It was therefore clear to him that there would be no dispute of interest.

The fund I invested in is a 2014 fund that has been closed since I got into politics.

A quote from:Pierre FitzGibbon, Quebec Finance Minister

However, Pierre FitzGibbon has repeatedly refused to divest these investments in White Star, despite repeated inquiries and requests from ethics commissioner Arian Mignolette not to hold a stake in companies not listed on the stock exchange. Government.

Regarding the presence of the White Star in the lobbyists’ registry, Pierre FitzGibbon recalls that Bank of Canada, Kaisse Depot at Placement and Investment Quebec have been partners in this fund for many years. Since the fund he had invested in had been closed for a few years, he would not see any personal benefit in this situation.

I have no influence on the White Star […] It’s [Mme Mignolet] White is going to talk to them about the star and she is going to judge that there is no conflict of interest.

A quote from:Pierre FitzGibbon, Minister of Finance

According to him, Quebecore is showing Without mercy To him in this case.

The government recently handed over the management of any requests from the White Star to Treasury Board President Sonia Label to avoid a conflict of interest related to Mr. FitzGibbon.

Legalt still defends his minister

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Franois Legalt again came to the defense of Pierre FitzGibbon, denouncing him as a “ball” to his government.

What was added [au dossier concernant M. Fitzgibbon]I took a photo with my wife, him and business people in Paris. Business people, quite frankly, I do not know and still do not know. But pictures, on a trip, I take a lot with business people who want to take a photo with me. No added news, Rather than a photo, he said.

Did the Legalt Cabinet know that the Finance Minister was a shareholder in the White Star when this shot was taken? There is someone around us [les placements de Pierre Fitzgibbon]; I don’t know all the investments. I know he invested in 13 companies, he sold his shares in 9. […] But no, at the time, I did not know, at the time of the photo, that [le ministre] There are shares in the company, Mr. Legalt stated.

Opposition groups called for his resignation

Things are not so clear in the ranks of the opposition that we are calling for Pierre FitzGibbon to leave the Council of Ministers in the wake of this multiplication of ministers who have violated the ethics of parliamentarians.

He is a recurring offender who has violated the Code of Conduct, Quebec Solidair spokesman Vincent Marisal on Wednesday morning condemned the economy and innovation issues.

I said to him: “One thing at a time. Outside the Council of Ministers, you will settle your affairs, and then we will see”.

A quote from:Vincent Marisol, Quebec Solidarity Representative on Economics and Innovation

In the liberal ranks, Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt is wondering about the legacy of these snags for justice on behalf of one of his ministers.

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Mr. Legalt has a moral, I would describe as an elastic, flexible, electoralist according to the wind of the moment, For his part initiated PLQ spokesman Gauten Barrett on ethics.

In the party Cubacois, it is a miracle that Franకోois Legalt’s stubbornness to keep Pierre FitzGibbon as minister leads him.

If Mr. Legalt […] Decides to keep it, the CAQ will have to defend before the Quebeckers how different it is to the Liberal Party, Considers PQ MP Martin Oellet as his part.

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