May 23, 2024

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Thierry Henry resigns: “Tough day”

Thierry Henry resigns: "Tough day"

It’s only time. CF Montreal announced Thursday morning that Thierry Henry is resigning as head coach due to family reasons and who can blame him.

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“I have decided to make this decision,” he said in a press release. Last year was very difficult for me personally. Because of the global pandemic, I could not see my children. ”

As the team prepares to play another season south of the border, Henry cannot be expected to return for another year under the same circumstances.

“The timing is not very right, but there is no timeline when it comes to personal decision,” club president Kevin Gilmore insisted.

This amount only happens 24 hours after Claude Julian was fired in Canadian. It is very rare for two coaches to leave the same city in such a short time.


Contrary to popular belief, Thierry Henry returned to Montreal in January, preparing with technical director Olivier Renard for next season. So his decision caused some shock in the company.

“It came as a surprise, because our plan is for him to stay here for a long time to build the team’s identity with Olivier,” said Gilmore, who understood Henry’s decision.

“I don’t think a lot of people can understand how difficult it was last season for Canadian teams to spend more time in their bags and at the hotel. […] When we employ Theory, no one ined thought that we would go through such an important pandemic and that it would disrupt our lives. So I was not shocked by his decision. ”

Go back to England

Henry completed his detention and returned to work at Center Neutralight.

“About two weeks ago, he contacted me saying he had problems with his family and asked me to come back to London,” Oliver Renard explained.

“There was noise about English clubs, but nothing was said. I can confirm that we did not speak to any club and he assures me that he does not either.”

The sports director chose to give time to his coach so that he could take information.

“I let him think and he contacted me on the 18th [février], And I felt that the situation was more negative than positive. We followed up with his agent to see what the club could do without losing the theory. ”

“We tried to find the best solutions, but he had a lot of little kids and he knew we were going to travel a lot.”

CF finally informed Montreal of his decision on Monday.

“Without respect for theory, I started making a list when you went to the grocery store, but I never contacted anyone. It will happen from now on, ”said Renard, who must now find a replacement for him.

The head is high

Henry, who was named head coach on November 14, 2019, spent just one season at the helm of the team, compiling an 8-13-2 regular-season record for MLS.

Season ninth at the Eastern Conference and lost to the New England Revolution in the first round of the playoffs.

The then Impact CONCACAF reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, losing to CD Olympia in a round-trip series, separating the two games for nine months.

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Undeterred, Henry installed a system of hope that focused on attacking and made soccer more interesting to watch.

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