June 24, 2024

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This diesel-powered Ford Mustang muscle car will amaze enthusiasts

This diesel-powered Ford Mustang muscle car will amaze enthusiasts

This Ford Mustang a Cummins diesel engine And if you are a traditional muscle car enthusiast, this may be your worst nightmare. On the other hand, if you like exceptional engine conversions, it will make you thinner.

The car was owned by YouTuber Weston Champlin and originally left the factory with four cylinders, six cylinders or the V8. This car, which was clearly interested in making the Mustang, now moved the heavy Cummins engine.

We do not know how much power the diesel engine emits, but slotting it into the Mustang does not seem that easy. Of course, a heavy powertrain does not fit in the engine bay and some serious work is required to install it. Additionally, the car’s wiring needs to be adjusted to keep the engine running.

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The fact that it makes the unique Mustang even more intriguing Diesel The Cummins engine has a large turbocharger and exhaust coming directly from the engine bay.

Of course, there is no way to reattach the car’s standard hood, but the YouTuber Mustang was able to affix the front bumper and fascia of the Shelby GT500, which looks like the right car (well, without the hood anyway) and not weird Engine swap.

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